Tailored services

Is your organization going through a process of change and it needs to define strategic goals? Are you planning a meeting with different stakeholders? Are you organizing a big conference and you want to make it lively, filled with discussions and creativity? Are you an organization looking for a partner to create a study visit for your participants? Have you finished a project and you are looking for an evaluator? Check out our offer of services. We will be happy to help you implement your plans and activities, and provide consultation.

  • Service: Training and lecturing

    Training and lecturing

    We provide tailor-made training in the topics of our program areas (i.e. conflict transformation, civic participation, and global education), in organizational development, and training focused on soft skills (i.e. strategy planning, leadership, facilitation, evaluation, and more). 

    We work with public officials, businesses, NGOs, and mixed audiences. Our approach is based on participatory learning. Participants in more than 50 countries worldwide have experienced our trainings and many of them have become our friends or partners over the years.

  • Service: Facilitation of meetings, conferences, or processes

    Facilitation of meetings, conferences, or processes

    We help to make important events run effectively, well, and productively. 

    Our professional facilitators can assist in designing workshops, conferences, or decision-making processes so that they fulfill their aims and become a great experience for both organizers and participants.

  • Service: Study visits

    Study visits

    We help our partners to create a well-tailored program for international study visits in Slovakia. 

    We can organize short-term study visits (5-10 days), as well as longer internships (3 weeks - 2 months) in cooperation with our partners and clients. Having a network of collaborators not only from the civic sector, but also from local governments, national government institutions, universities, and private companies, we can provide a high-quality program responding to the needs of the visitors or interns.

  • Service: Evaluations


    External evaluation services help reduce the degree of uncertainty about the real impact of implemented projects. 

    We deliver an independent evaluation of the results and we change or work closely with organizations to guide them through reflection aimed at improving organizational processes, procedures, or setting relevant goals based on the interpretation and analysis of previously collected data.

  • Service: Consultations


    We offer consultations mostly in the area of the organizational development of NGOs, international networks, and international project management. 

    These consultations may be short-term or long-term, sometimes including the coaching of leaders.

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