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Our books

  • Conflict prevention and resolution

    We offer our wide experience in the area of value-based conflicts and the polarization of society, the co-existence of the majority and minorities, public conflicts, and internal conflicts in organizations. We also provide our experience in the field of peace-building and development of cooperation in the context of conflicts.

    10+1 Good Practices in Preventing Intolerance, Discrimination, and Group Hatred in Central and Eastern Europe Peace Training Value-Based Conflicts in the Regions Between the Oder and the Danube
  • Development of civil society

    In this area you may find an analysis of civil society development in Slovakia, as well as guidelines that are dedicated to the topic of organizational development and management, especially in the field of human resources, long-term strategic planning, internal and external communication, and the financial feasibility of non-governmental non-profit organizations.

    Scenarios for the Development of Civil Society in Slovakia by 2040 10 chapitres sur l’évolution de la société civile en Slovaquie A Reader for Non-profit Organisations Хрестоматия для некоммерческих организаций Community Visioning And Strategic Planning Process NGO Campaign for free and fair elections OK ’98
  • Gossip from road trips and more from our "kitchen"

    Read about unique observations from different parts of the world that were collected by Dušan Ondrušek while on the road. They present the values and mission of PDCS in an unconventional and penetratingly readable way. Or listen to the tales of the African Luo tribe with your children.

    Siganas – African Luo stories Yahoo Boys and other stories
  • Citizen participation

    These books deal with designing and conducting processes for citizen participation in public decision-making and with approaches which help to identify and engage various stakeholders in related processes of collaboration.

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