PDCS /  We condemn war, aggression and war propaganda.

We condemn war, aggression and war propaganda.

Wars start when people stop talking. Let's not let this continue. We express compassion to the families of those to whom the war in Ukraine has taken what is the most valuable. At the same time, we appreciate the courage of those in Russia who are not afraid to express their opposition to the war, despite the punishments. Foto: Michal Burza, Doneck 2014


Those thirty years were worth it :). PDCS has been around for a long time and is still in move. Every day is different, every day we learn something new. Thank you for that.

What we do

We work on the capability of people to talk to each other.

We educate people in the areas of conflict and development; we conduct community meetings and processes of participatory decision-making. We focus on three main areas:

Our projects

Projects help us fulfill our mission.

  • Project: Panorama: The Pan-European Observatory for Mitigation of Hate Speech

    The PANORAMA project will analyse online hate speech through its patterns and dynamics with the aim to counteract hate speech worldwide. It will breach the challenges of addressing hate speech, which lay in the lack of understanding of its online trends and characteristics.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

  • Project: CSO Leaders for the Long Run

    Project "CSO Leaders for the Long Run" is focused on building leadership capacities and resilience of organizations. It focuses on supporting two types of leaders. The first are the incoming directors of NGOs, who have recently taken up a management position. The second group is senior leaders, who are often overworked or burned out after years in a management position. The project also aims to strengthen organizations, specifically to build their resilience (resistance to unpredictable change).

  • Project: The Power of Cities II.

    This program aims at training and mentoring national or local government officials and civil society community leaders from 7 countries (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary).

    • Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

  • Project: Youth with(out) Borders

    Within this project we have developed a teaching tool for teachers - a role play showing the situation on the border when traveling to the West before 1989. The aim was to provide teachers with an interactive method of teaching the history of the Velvet Revolution and discussing issues of human rights and liberty. We have trained 60 teachers around Slovakia, who have used the tool in teaching their students.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

We provide tailored services

Is your organization going through a process of change, and does it need to define its strategic goals? Are you planning a ting with different stakeholders? Are you an organization looking for a partner to create a study visit for your participants? Have you finished a project and you are looking for an evaluator? Check out our offer of services. We will be happy to help you implement your plans and activities, and provide consultation.

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