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Conflict Through the Lens

International photographic competition - CONFLICT THROUGH THE LENS was organised at the end of 2022 and the idea of the competition was to challenge students at university level of any study programs and non-professional photographers to send us photographs that will show us how they perceive conflict in contemporary societies.

People are driven to radicalism by very human needs

Fascinating interview with Julia Ebner. A researcher who has entered many violent radical communities. She went undercover to their meetings, learned their ideology, made friendships and contacts.

Nonviolence as superpower

Nadine Bloch: Is it possible and good to eliminate violence from social conflicts? What does it mean nonviolence? Nadine is an activist, facilitator and trainer, a woman who lives the nonviolent methods of social change through her career. She is a member of the organization Beautiful Trouble https://beautifultrouble.org/ that collects wisdom and experience with positive change by nonviolent methods.

What we do

We work on the capability of people to talk to each other.

We educate people in the areas of conflict and development; we conduct community meetings and processes of participatory decision-making. We focus on three main areas:

Our projects

Projects help us fulfill our mission.

  • Project: Panorama: The Pan-European Observatory for Mitigation of Hate Speech

    The PANORAMA project (2022 - 2023) analyzed online hate speech through its patterns and dynamics with the aim to counteract hate speech worldwide. It breached the challenges of addressing hate speech, which lay in the lack of understanding of its online trends and characteristics.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

  • Project: PROTEUS

    Protecting EU Values and Fundamental Rights through Public Participation and Civil Society Assistance in Central Europe

    The growing social polarization and political illiberalism in the EU, but especially in the Central European Member States, pose great risks to civil society, which are increasingly evident through tighter controls on CSOs, cuts to their financial independence, intimidation of civic activists, and the portrayal of civil society as a public enemy. All this puts at risk a strong and dynamic civil society which is a fundamental requirement for a liberal and pluralistic democracy.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

  • Project: The Power of Cities II.

    This program (2022 - 2023) aimed at training and mentoring national or local government officials and civil society community leaders from 7 countries (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary).

    • Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

  • Project: Digital Activism Program

    Across the world, the spread of disinformation is on the rise. Its volatile growth is the result of the strategic use of online disinformation, which undermines democracy, and polarizes societies. While ways to combat disinformation are currently trending in the media, the existing tactics are primarily directed at fact-checkers and journalists, leaving wider civil society actors to their own devices.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Program Director, Consultant

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