PDCS /  The Joy of Learning, Deliberation, and Change

The Joy of Learning, Deliberation, and Change

Our mission is to educate people and help them to reach a consensus directly, to engage them in public decision-making processes, to understand the distinct worlds people live in, and to cope with the changes around us. We try to keep people talking. We are a non-governmental organization from Slovakia, which is where we do most of our work. However, our activities and projects transcend Slovakia’s boundaries, as they reach pan-European dimensions. We are also part of the global Partners Network - 22 organizations from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America that are connected by the values of democracy and non-violence.

What we do

We work on the capability of people to talk to each other.

We educate people in the areas of conflict and development; we conduct community meetings and processes of participatory decision-making. We focus on three main areas:

Our projects

Projects help us fulfill our mission.

  • Project: Project Grey

    In online debates, extreme opinions for or against are often the loudest. Think about discussions about refugees and integration. But between these small groups of black-and-white thinkers there is a large group with a variety of opinions. Project Grey wants to reinforce these societal voices and, thereby, tackle polarization as well as the processes of radicalization that arise from it.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

  • Project: Build Solid Ground Project

    Fair and decent housing in sustainable communities (covered mainly by SDG 11) is the main driving force of this joint project. Build Solid Ground Project is an EU-funded project which is being carried out by 14 partners in 7 countries. Program countries include Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the UK. Our niche is to focus on education and awareness-raising activities in the areas of preventing youth radicalization, migration, interfaith, interethnic and multicultural dialogue, and Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030).

    • Katarína Bajzíková / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Katarína Bajzíková / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

  • Project: Youth with(out) Borders

    Within this project we have developed a teaching tool for teachers - a role play showing the situation on the border when traveling to the West before 1989. The aim was to provide teachers with an interactive method of teaching the history of the Velvet Revolution and discussing issues of human rights and liberty. We have trained 60 teachers around Slovakia, who have used the tool in teaching their students.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

  • Project: European Network for Non-Violence and Dialogue - ENND

    The project has connected initiatives around Europe that strive to depolarize society and develop techniques of dialogue among various social groups. We have connected people and organizations working at a grassroots level to ease tensions on value-based issues. How does one discuss refugees, LGBTI, Roma, or national identities in Europe? We are collecting the best practices and best people, who are always trying.

    • Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

      Lukáš Zorád / Programme Coordinator and Consultant

  • Project: Local Government for the People, Ukraine - Slovakia

    The aim of the three projects was to bring Slovak experience and know-how to Ukrainian cities and villages. We trained mayors, city council members, clerks, local NGO representatives, school directors, and other community members in methods of civic participation. We trained trainers, published a textbook in Ukrainian, and provided internships and mini-grants for Ukrainian community leaders to support decentralization and local democracy in our neighboring country. This happened in the 2014-2018 time period.

We provide tailored services

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