We are PDCS. We help people and organizations to grow and enjoy the change.

We are a flagship organization in high-quality education via experience. Tens of thousands of people from Slovakia and from more than 50 countries worldwide have undergone our trainings in our almost 30 years of existence. The fact that we often work abroad brings a feeling of broader responsibility and a global perspective, but there is much more to it than that. It confirms that our offer is also requested outside of Slovakia. Our logo is the delta – a symbol of change. Our activities and programs are modified according to the needs and expectations of our clients.

_We are PDCS._ We help people and organizations to grow and enjoy the change.

“For as long as I have been following you, you have been giving me good reasons to think.”

Our values

  • Blurred boundaries

    Blurred boundaries

    We want to cultivate a life of freedom, without forced physical or virtual boundaries. We want to teach the art of enjoy... Show more >

  • Colorfulness


    We perceive minorities as a value for a healthy, functioning society regardless of our sympathies with specific minoriti... Show more >

  • Non-violence and public policy dialogue

    Non-violence and public policy dialogue

    We want non-violence and dialogue to become the norm during the creation and enforcement of public policies. We are work... Show more >

  • Real life – not just academic research

    Real life – not just academic research

    We want to see the change that happens. We want to feel “everydayness”, a wonderful world that we know not only from lib... Show more >

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Our mission may be fulfilled thanks to you and together with you. All the money we acquire is used for work in strategic areas that we were unable to fund ourselves. We organize conferences, implement educational projects, publish books, and work pro bono in areas where there is both public interest and a lack of money. If you want to support us, follow us on social media, visit our international conference, take part in our projects (ENND), and read and share our blogs and videos. And mainly, debate and discuss with us. That brings us the most joy. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/ PodBean

Our history

Our story in three chapters

Throughout its history, PDCS has changed along with Slovak society as well as the surrounding world. Our programs, countries of operation, clients, and ways of funding have changed; our team of people has been growing and developing. What remains unchanged, however, is our loyalty to our fundamental values - the belief that democracy means open dialogue, non-violence, and a multicolor focus in all its meanings.

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    Anna Zemanová

We are transparent, and we are not afraid to show our results.

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