Training and lecturing

We provide tailor-made training in the topics of our program areas (i.e. conflict transformation, civic participation, and global education), in organizational development, and training focused on soft skills (i.e. strategy planning, leadership, facilitation, evaluation, and more).

We work with public officials, businesses, NGOs, and a mixed audience. Our approach is based on participatory learning. Participants in more than 50 countries worldwide have experienced our trainings and many of them have become our friends or partners over the years.


  • Místní akční skupiny - MAS (Local Action Groups) in the Czech Republic: We have conducted several training sessions for people working with local governments and civic initiatives, mostly in facilitation skills, participation, and community development. Altogether, more than 100 employees participated in our trainings conducted during the time period of 2016-2019.
  • Via Foundation in the Czech Republic: We have trained people in facilitation, conflict approaches in communities, and civic participation within their projects in the Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • Partners in Albania: Within several projects, we have trained local NGO leaders in advocacy and networking skills.
  • Local governments in Ukraine: We have provided training in the principles of citizen participation and conflict transformation to representatives of municipalities from all over the country (e.g. Chernihiv, Uzhgorod, Odessa, Kherson, Bakhmut, Dobropilie, and Lviv).
  • Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic: We have conducted several role-playing projects with the university’s students on the topic of international conflict resolution.
  • Sharing Perspectives Foundation, the Netherlands: We have participated as authors of online learning modules in intercultural dialogue.
  • European Federation of Neurological Associations: We have trained a group of patient organizations in corporate and online fundraising (Romania).

The consultants who will work with you

  • Karolína Miková / Director of PDCS, Trainer and Facilitator

    Karolína Miková

    Director of PDCS, Trainer and Facilitator

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  • Dušan Ondrušek / Senior Trainer, Consultant

    Dušan Ondrušek

    Senior Trainer, Consultant

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