What is the real impact of your project or program? What evaluation and evidence of results do your donors require when internal evaluation is insufficient? At PDCS, we help NGOs and public institutions to measure and interpret the impact of their activities through summative evaluation and impact assessment.

If data is needed for evidence-based decision making, we can propose and implement a formative evaluation that will provide your organization with the findings relevant for qualified decisions on the future direction of your programs or projects or setting up your processes.

External evaluation services help reduce the degree of uncertainty about the actual impact of implemented projects. We deliver an independent evaluation of the results and change or work closely with organizations to guide them through reflection aimed at improving organizational processes or procedures, or setting relevant goals based on the interpretation and analysis of previously collected data.


  • In cooperation with the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (2020), we have developed recommendations for the use of the Council of Europe methodology for the evaluation of training for local governments (URSO). The methodology and our recommendations are available for download in Slovak language.
  • Orange Slovakia Foundation (2019), for which we conducted an assessment of the impact achieved during its 20 years of operation,
  • The Slovak Association for Branded Products (2018), for which we have examined and evaluated different levels of impact achieved through the CSR programs of manufacturers of brand products in Slovakia,
  • The Bankwatch international network (2018), for which we provided an external evaluation of a three-year international program implemented in 20 countries, which is aimed at changing public policies at national and European levels concerning the use of European funds for infrastructure and, in particular, energy projects in non-EU countries.

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