Local Government for the People, Ukraine - Slovakia

The aim of the three projects was to bring Slovak experience and know-how to Ukrainian cities and villages. We trained mayors, city council members, clerks, local NGO representatives, school directors, and other community members in methods of civic participation. We trained trainers, published a textbook in Ukrainian, and provided internships and mini-grants for Ukrainian community leaders to support decentralization and local democracy in our neighboring country. This happened in the 2014-2018 time period.

Local Government for the People, Ukraine - Slovakia

The three projects, building on each other, concentrated on stimulating civic participation, a structured and professional dialogue between local authorities and civic initiatives, as well as community building initiatives. With our partners, we conducted these types of activities:

  • Training local authorities and civic initiatives in methods of civic participation and supporting their own plans for involving the public in decision-making on important issues on the local level (e.g. renovation of parks or squares, or city development policies);
  • Training of trainers who can, in turn, train and consult Ukrainian local governments in participatory planning;
  • Organizing study trips (one-week) and internships (one-month) for Ukrainians to Slovak municipalities;
  • Supporting community development projects and dialogue between local authorities and people in municipalities in various parts of the country.

Outputs: 720 people trained in civic participation techniques, dialogue and conflict resolution; 22 trainers ready; 1 textbook published in Ukrainian; 23 small community activities supported.

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