Youth with(out) Borders

Within this project (2019) we have developed a teaching tool for teachers - a role play showing the situation on the border when traveling to the West before 1989. The aim was to provide teachers with an interactive method of teaching the history of the Velvet Revolution and discussing issues of human rights and liberty. We have trained 60 teachers around Slovakia, who have used the tool in teaching their students.

Youth with(out) Borders

The project was conducted in 2019. It had 3 phases:

  1. Development of a teaching tool called Trip to the West (Výlet na Západ). The tool includes history facts for the teacher and background readings for students, links, videos, and a list of additional sources. It consists of 3 interactive lessons simulating a trip by bus from Bratislava to Vienna in the year 1987. The students play the roles of passengers, custom officers, border guards, and even a Secret Service collaborator. After the play, a structured discussion is overseen. The tool has been tested on a class of 14-year-old students at a secondary school.
  2. Teacher training took place in three Slovak regions: Eastern Slovakia (Prešov), Central Slovakia (Žilina), and Western Slovakia (Trnava). Altogether, 60 teachers have been trained in the use of the teaching tool. These teachers have used the tool to teach their students.

  3. Publishing the tool within the trainers’ toolkit, Hodnotové strety hrou, and online.

Outputs: published teaching tool, more than 500 students/pupils exposed to the teaching tool by the end of 2019.

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