Yahoo Boys and other stories

Yahoo Boys and other stories

When we say "gossip", we usually imagine superficial stories about more or less famous people, who are full of magazines, small town hairdressers or shiny cafes in shopping malls. Dušan's gossip is not gossip at all. They are sensitive sad-funny snippets of stories about people who find themselves somewhere on the border. Whether it's the absurdly multiplied ethnic borders in the Balkans, the borders of respect for human dignity in Belarus, the religious borders of the struggle for life in Iraq, or just the limits of understanding injustice anywhere in the world.

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July 14, 2014, Abuja

I have never been to Nigeria and I don‘t really know what to expect. I meet Olawale and we head north to the town of Jos and after that to the Kuru Plateau, the luxury of a four-hour long drive. We need to get to know and get used to each other before we can give a four-day training together. 

The book is available only in Slovak but we have translated one chapter for you. 

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