Siganas – African Luo stories

Siganas – African Luo stories

Do you know why Mr. Turtle carries his house everywhere he moves? How people in the past used to invoke rain or why an elephant has such a good memory? You can find this and much more in siganas, tales of african tribe Luo.

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For ages, the Luo people of Kenya have told “siganas,” stories conveying the intergenerational wisdom of their tribe. The tradition maintains that the stories both educate children and entertain adults in one fell swoop. The stories of animals, people and mythical creatures fascinate and surprise “our fellows”. While the exact same stories cannot be found in Slovak culture, the moral messages within the stories closely resemble those found in Slovak stories and fairytales.

The power of siganas dwells in the abilities of the narrator - she should be a skilled actor and singer with a charming personality. Eloquent, personable and wise, Sheba has all these talents. Her tremendous skill makes it possible for those interested to listen to siganas in both Slovak and in English and listen to traditional songs in the original Luo, just like it is done in Kenya.

Listen to an audio excerpt of the Luo tribe sigana.

Each of the five stories is illustrated and the illustrations form a coloring book for young listeners. You can download them for free. 

This product was created within Build Solid Ground project which is financed by European Commission.

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