Africa Days at School

Africa Days at School

The Africa Days at School activities manual is designed to be used for working with readymade video recordings through two separate activities: online living library and Bistro Afrika online theater performance followed by a facilitated discussion.

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For each activity, we offer two versions for distance learning with detailed description, as well as other possible tips for combining classroom and online teaching. In this manual, you will find suggested steps that we successfully tested at secondary and primary schools in Slovakia that were recommended to us by students and teachers in their feedback (for which we are sincerely grateful). Especially PaedDr. Blanka Bučková made valuable observations and gave her comments to help us improve the manual.

Both activities may be used in teaching the cross-subject topic of multicultural education. Its goal is “to educate students and focus on developing their knowledge of cultures, whether traditional ones, new ones, or subcultures. Another goal is the acceptance of cultural diversity as a social reality and the development of tolerance, respect and prosocial behavior and action connected to cultural diversity. Students have the chance to get to know their own culture as well as other cultures, the history, customs and traditions of their representatives. They learn to respect these cultures as equal and are able to communicate and cooperate constructively with their members.” (Hanečáková, M.: Živá knižnica. Multikultúrna výchova v praxi. Prešov 2012. s. 9. Available online).

Subjects covered by the Teacher Activity Manual:

Living libraries and the theater performance may be used to teach various subjects: social studies, Slovak language, English language, computer science, etc. 

The materials are primarily intended for secondary school students but living libraries may also be used with pupils in higher grades of primary schools.


Activity 1: Living library

Activity 2: Bistro Afrika (theater performance with a facilitated discussion)

This manual was published and implemented within “Build Solid Ground” project, financially supported by European Union. The sole responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the author. The statements in the text do not necessarily represent the views of the donor, who is not responsible for the use of the information contained in the publication. 

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