Active Citizen Guide

Active Citizen Guide

The publication Active Citizen Guide was created as part of the project Young People - Actors in Transformation Processes in Tunisia. With the project we aimed respond to the situation in the young democratic country, in which the youth is trying to find its own active place. This Guide briefly introduces to you two thematic areas of participation and conflict resolution with texts written by Zora Kalka Pauliniová and Dušan Ondrušek. Working with our Tunisian partner - Association Femme Citoyenneté (AFC) - and consultant Brahim Nabli, we supplemented theoretical parts with examples from Tunisian non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Primarily they are examples of participation, advocacy, campaigning, and exercising of civil and human rights.

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Our aim was to open up the doors to the above topics for young people who are active in Tunisia or other countries of the MENA region.  We wished to make those topics more relevant to them through examples from their surroundings and a cultural context which is close to them. In addition, we aimed to provoke in them further curiosity for these issues and to try out the instruments of participation and conflict resolution in practice. 

In a team of PDCS lecturers, which included Kalka Zora Pauliniová, Tatiana Cárová, Dušan Ondrušek and Peter Guštafík, we had a chance to test and customize the contents for the participants of two series of training courses and one summer school on topics of participation, conflict resolution and leadership. We implemented all three training modules in Tunisia with participants being mostly young Tunisians from NGOs and political parties. In case of the NAVISS (North African and Visegrad Summer School) the participants came from the region of North Africa and Visegrad.

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BAJZÍKOVÁ, Katarína (ed.) 2015. Active Citizen Guide. Bratislava: PDCS, 2015. 60 p. ISBN 978-80-89563-40-1.

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